Creating an office master specification and project specifications using MasterSpec and SpecText specifications and Masterworks Section-editing Tools really simplifies and expedites the process. Masterworks is bundled with your SpecText subscription license and can be used by all specification writers at your SpecText licensed office locations at no additional charge.

With Masterworks 7, expand the word processing functions you perform on a single file to ALL your project files. Masterworks now includes the powerful SpecAgent tool. Click here for more information on SpecAgent. Masterworks is FREE with every MasterSpec and SpecText library license (a $300 value).

Masterworks allows you to:
  • Streamline specification editing and project manual production
  • Create tables of contents and headers/footers for multiple files simultaneously
  • Spell check all your project files at once
  • Automatically generate numerous project management tasks, such as creating Submittal and Warranty reports.
  • MasterFormat 2004 to 1995 converter (beta version). Easily convert your MasterFormat 2004 documents into MasterFormat 1995 in the event that your client would prefer the old MasterFormat numbers.
Multi-File Tools work on multiple documents at once.

The Multi-File Main Menu

The Edit Header And Footer Tool

The Document Format Tool

Single File Tools and Toolbars make editing individual sections easier.

The Masterworks Main Menu and Toolbars inside Microsoft Word

The Ribbon Bar for Microsoft Word 2007/2010

New SpecAgent software included in the current version of Masterworks.

The SpecAgent tool as it appears in Masterworks

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